Chronic Pain Management
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Chronic Pain Management

To state that one has pain is easy, but to understand pain, its origins, and how to reduce it effectively is not easy.  Two patients may have the same type of pain, in the same location, caused by the same condition, but they will feel the intensity of the pain differently and respond to treatment differently.  Treatment needs to be tailored to the individual and adjusted based upon how the patient responds to the treatment plan.  This is one of Inland Empire Acupuncture & Herbs’ core competencies. 

There are two primary types of pain.  (1) Acute pain is pain created by inflammation, tissue damage, injury, illness, or surgery and often shows signs of redness, increased local temperature, and swelling.  (2) Chronic pain is pain that persists for weeks, months, or years, which often leads to a decrease in appetite, exhaustion, depression, irritability, and many other symptoms.

Inland Empire Acupuncture & Herbs can effectively treat both types of pain.  Western pain medications tend to work well on acute pain, but not very well on chronic pain.  Eastern medicine, including acupuncture and herbs, works exceptionally well on chronic pain.



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